Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our CIPM Resources: Do you conduct any in-person CIPM classes? Yes, but it is generally only economically to do it for large groups.  If you are affiliated with an organization that has 8 or more potential candidates, please contact us and express your interest. In lieu of an in-person class, we’ve designed our online class to be as flexible as possible for CIPM candidates around the world, while providing some of the same access as a live class.  While lectures are recorded and available any time, we periodically have live webinars where our customers can meet with our resident experts and discuss CIPM curriculum and questions in a group format.  Times will be scheduled based on mutual convenience for all participants, regardless of time zone. How early can I access the material?  You may purchase and begin accessing our material at any time.  Our content is available throughout the year, although we periodically go through updates as the curriculum changes, and/or as we improve our materials.  Updates typically occur from May – July and November – January.   How long will I continue to have access to the material? As long as you are an active CIPM candidate, you may have access to our materials until you pass the particular level of the exam that has been purchased.  That means, if you by chance do not pass your exam, there is no additional cost from us to continue to use our resources to make another attempt to pass!  We want to be a partner in your success. How many video lectures do you provide? We approximately have a video for every reading in the curriculum.  That is about 13 videos for the Principles exam, and 27 videos for Experts.  Videos range from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours in length. What is the pass rate of users of your materials? We do our best maintain pass rate statistics for each product and each level.  As part of our participation in the CIPM Trainer Program, we are not permitted to publish pass rate statistics.  To have a candid discussion of how materials may help you, please contact us directly. How does your mock exam compare to the actual CIPM exam? All our questions are original questions written by our experts.  The questions are extremely difficult, and are at least as difficult as the actual exam.  We attempt to balance testing topics that the CIPM Program’s mock exam does not test, with testing topics that we feel are high probability topics, and following similar weighting schemes of the actual exam.  Our questions are designed to push your knowledge, provide you with alternative ways of viewing the curriculum, and uncovering areas of only superficial knowledge. Do you provide practice problems in addition to the mock exam? We currently have a limited number of additional practice problems, comprised of topics that candidates have struggled with in our past classes, and retired questions from our mock exam.  We intend to continue to build this resource as our participants bring us additional topics and questions they are struggling with. Do you provide any discounts or scholarships for your materials? We do not currently offer any scholarships.  However, the CFA Institute does offer scholarships for full-time students and employees of educational institutions, and full-time employees of governmental agencies. For successful principles candidates that use our review course materials, we do offer a returning customer discount to participate in the experts review course. What is this “flipping-the-classroom” concept? Our review course has evolved in part due to the experience and feedback in our past classes, and in part due to new and exciting experiments in education. In the past, we offered all lectures via live webinar.  We enjoyed these classes and the interaction with our students, but inevitably some people miss a class, so we typically recorded past lectures.  Some customers of ours even began signing up for the course after all the live lectures had ended, and only watched our recordings!  Pre-recorded lectures appeared to be more flexible for people’s study habits, and are not constrained by time-zones. Concurrent with this trend in our own course, we became aware of the Khan Academy and some of their pioneering educational methods.  The traditional educational system is to listen to a boring lecturer while students sit mostly quite, and then go home and struggle with homework where limited resources are available.  To replace this outdated model, the Khan Academy proposes “flipping-the-classroom” by doing your schoolwork at home, and your homework at school.  Listen to lectures at your own pace, where you can pause and go back if you need to, and then bring your homework to a class where you can get the assistance of an instructor and classmates. This is the model we hope to emulate with our own CIPM classes.  In addition to the recorded lectures, we have regularly scheduled live webinars where candidates can bring their questions and homework to work through with our experienced professionals and other candidates.