numbersOur consulting services utilize our extensive backgrounds to provide necessary information, ideal recommendations, and an extra set of hands. Whereas most consultants will only tell you what needs to be done, we pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves and getting projects completed on your behalf.

  • GIPS®Self-Help Package: Firms sometimes reach out to verification firms to assist in GIPS adoption, but they run the risk of jeopardizing their independence by providing necessary templates and language to successfully comply with the standards. Our Self-Help Package provides all the hardware to jumpstart your compliance efforts, without having to recreate the wheel. It includes:
    • Policies & Procedures Template, using plain English that a non-GIPS expert can understand, but is comprehensive enough for a verifier to use. Sample
    • Instruction Manual to explain the policies, how they relate to GIPS requirements, and provide insights and recommendations on good policy decisions and language. Sample
    • Compliant Presentation Template, with sample language, and cross-references to GIPS requirements.
    • Disclosure Checklist, for the on-going review of your Compliant Presentations.
  • GIPS® Compliance Implementation: For a flat-fee, we provide the necessary diagnostics, recommendations, and resources to implement GIPS compliance. This includes drafting of policies and procedures for GIPS compliance, compliant presentation preparation, and all the education and recommendations needed to get you there. Provides the same resources as our Self-Help Package, but we take the burden of analysis and drafting off your shoulders.
  • GIPS® Compliance Maintenance and Verifier Liaison: Often coupled with our performance measurement services, we customize our service to provide the resources you may be lacking. This may include composite construction and portfolio placement, updates to GIPS policies and procedures or compliant presentations, and/or generating reports and fulfilling the requests of verifiers. Given our extensive background in GIPS verifications, we know what they want to see, and can help you produce the right information, the first time!
  • Advanced GIPS® Disclosure Presentation: While many firms use a simple presentation that shows only the required items we can add additional items, color and design elements to customize your presentation.  Please see a sample here.