GIPS Verification is the independent review and attestation of an asset manager’s adherence to GIPS compliance.  It reviews the manager’s internal policies and procedures, to ensure they are designed sufficiently, and then tests to confirm the procedures are effectively being followed.  While not an accounting audit, it does provide assurance to the firm, regulators, and investing public that the manager knows what they’re doing, and does what they say.  The result is increased confidence and professionalism in a valuable industry that has its confidences shaken every once in a while.

Does the industry really need another GIPS verifier?

We think so! And we’re not the only ones. Consolidation in the industry has led to a couple large firms.  We feel the industry needs a verifier that is focused on the end users, who offers a service that is personal, flexible, and efficient.  And besides, a little competition will make the industry better overall.

Why Cairn?

  • We’re experienced and time-tested. We have over 14 years experience in GIPS verifications, and over 35 years experience in the industry.  Our growing team of professionals is large enough to ensure availability and continuity, and small enough that ‘everyone knows your name.’
  • We’re focused on serving the end users of a verification report:  the client, and the public at large.  We don’t get distracted by ancillary services and cross-selling.  We find the service that best suits our clients’ needs, and then we deliver.
  • Independence is paramount.  Many in the industry have scrutinized this for many years, but this is always after-the-fact.  We’re dealing with it up-front, and ensuring it does not affect the reputations of the industry, our clients, or ourselves.  Check out our Independence Policy here.
  • We use technology opportunistically.  Technology is great, as it adds efficiencies, until you’re on the other end of a standardized process that doesn’t seem to fit what you’re doing.  We’ve built our company on being savvy, flexible, and adaptable.  We deploy technology creatively to solve problems, not to force unique firms through the automated machine.
  • A personalized approach:  Our process starts with a customized verification plan.  We mutually discuss a process that will ensure required tests are met, but focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the firm, to ensure the process is efficient and effective.  We include annual, onsite testing and consulting with all our verification work.