“Quick note of thanks for putting together those CIPM prep videos.  That suite of videos along with the occasional webinar provided a lot of support, companionship and – most important of all – great teaching and explanation of the key concepts.”  ~ Connecticut, USA

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your time and help with the CIPM course that you provide.  It helped my conceptual understanding of each topic and the materials that were provided were also extremely helpful.”  ~ London, UK

“The materials were really good and the new addition of that matrix on fixed income was a real killer!!”  ~ Bengaluru, India

“I primarily used the CIPM Principles material to prepare for the exam, and supplemented my review preparation with the Cairn’s mock exam.  The mock exam was extremely useful, as it highlighted topic areas where I was weak in, and it assisted me in developing an effective time management strategy for each section of the exam.”  ~ Johannesburg, South Africa

“Let’s just say then CAIRN mock exam is really tough and had me push harder. The questions helped me find other areas I was not ready yet.” ~ Quebec, Canada