Education should be informative, relevant, practical, and engaging. Our educational services aim to provide all these attributes, from seasoned practitioners who can synthesize the information you need to know.

In-House or On-Line Training: We offer standardized and customized training on GIPS® compliance and performance measurement. Whether it is on-site instruction to Performance/Compliance/Marketing teams, or on-line webinars to incorporate multiple offices and save costs, we offer convenient solutions to meet your needs.  Please contact us for rates.
GIPS® is a trademark owned by CFA Institute.

Given our background in GIPS® compliance and performance measurement, Cairn IPC is uniquely positioned to offer much needed resources for the CIPM examination.  Our offerings are focused on what we feel is most needed in the industry, and what we can deliver effectively.  All our resources are prepared and presented by CIPM certificateholders and/or CFA charterholders.



Mock Examinations:

Our mock examinations are web-based, full length exams, designed to replicate the actual exam.  The mock exams are untimed, and allow you to stop, resume, and go back to previous questions at your convenience.  Correct answers, explanations, and references to applicable Learning Outcome Statements are provided upon completion.  Limited to two attempts per purchase.

CIPM Level I Exam:

  • 100 Multiple choice questions

CIPM Level II Exam:

  • 80 Multiple choice questions, vignette format

Complete Review Courses:

Our course is designed to complement your study efforts where you most need it:  explaining the material in plain English, establishing good study habits, providing testing tips, and additional practice problems.  The program uses some of the latest trends in education, including the concept of “flipping-the-classroom.”  We offer online video lectures to breakdown and synthesize the material, so that you can digest it at your own pace.  After you’ve learned the material, we include scheduled Q&A sessions where you can work through questions and problems with our expert staff, and other CIPM candidates, in a live webinar format.  Our complete course includes:

  • Suggested Study Plan
  • Recorded video lectures to review and synthesize the required material.  See a sample lecture here.
  • Online discussion forum for candidates to assist each other.
  • Live webinars to work problems and ask questions.
  • Curriculum email support from our instructors.
  • Includes our Mock Exam

Additional Questions?  Please check out our FAQ page and our Customer Feedback.

Cairn Investment Performance Consulting is a member of the CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider Program.  CFA Institute do not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Cairn Investment Performance Consulting.  CIPM and Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.